Who Won the 2006 World Series?

St Louis Cardinals

Cardinals win the 2006 World Series
Oct 27, 2006
Busch Stadium - St Louis, MO
Runner Up: 
Detroit Tigers
Managed by Tony LaRussa; MVP David Eckstein (St Louis)

The St Louis Cardinals became the "best 83-win team in history" as they defeated the Detroit Tigers four games to one and won the 2006 World Series.

It was the first title for the Cardinals since the 1982 World Series. Manager Tony LaRussa became only the second manager to win a World Series in both leagues.

David Eckstein, the Cardinals shortstop, was named the World Series MVP.

St Louis Cardinals 4
Detroit Tigers 1

GAME 1: Cardinals 7 - Tigers 2
WP: Anthony Reyes, LP: Justin Verlander, SV: Bobby Jenks
HR: Scott Rolen (StL), Albert Pujols (StL)
GAME 2: Tigers 3 - Cardinals 1
WP: Kenny Rogers, LP: Jeff Weaver, SV: Todd Jones
HR: Craig Monroe (Det)
GAME 3: Cardinals 5 - Tigers 0
WP: Chris Carpenter, LP: Nate Robertson
HR: None
GAME 4: Cardinals 5 - Tigers 4
WP: Adam Wainwright, LP: Joel Zumaya
HR: Sean Casey (Det)
GAME 5: Cardinals 4 - Tigers 2
WP: Jeff Weaver, LP: Justin Verlander, SV: Adam Wainwright
HR: Sean Casey (Det)


Minnesota Twins 0    
Oakland Athletics 3 Oakland Athletics 0  
    Detroit Tigers 1
New York Yankees 1 Detroit Tigers 4  
Detroit Tigers 3    
New York Mets 3    
Los Angeles Dodgers 0 New York Mets 3  
    St Louis Cardinals 4
St Louis Cardinals 3 St Louis Cardinals 4  
San Diego Padres 1