Who Won the 1994 NBA Championship?

Houston Rockets

Hakeem Olajwan guarded by Patrick Ewing
Jun 22, 1994
The Summit - Houston, TX
Runner Up: 
New York Knicks

The 1994 NBA Finals were hailed as a matchup between two of the league's all time great centers - Hakeem Olajuwon for the Houston Rockets and Patrick Ewing for the New York Knicks. The two had met previously in the 1984 NCAA Championship. Olajuwon won this matchup and the Rockets won the title 4 games to 3.

Olajuwon won the Finals MVP award. The Rockets coach was Rudy Tomjanovich.

Game five was overshadowed by the infamous O.J. Simpson car chase and TV coverage of the game was interrupted.

Houston Rockets 4
New York Knicks 3

GameDateScoreSiteHigh Scorer
GAME 1Jun 8Houston 85, New York 78The Summit, HoustonHakeem Olajuwan (28)
GAME 2Jun 10New York 91, Houston 83The Summit, HoustonHakeem Olajuwan (25)
GAME 3Jun 12Houston 93, New York 89Madison Square Garden, New YorkOlajuwan & Derek Harper (21)
GAME 4Jun 15New York 91, Houston 82Madison Square Garden, New YorkHakeem Olajuwan (32)
GAME 5Jun 17New York 91, Houston 84Madison Square Garden, New YorkHakeem Olajuwan (27)
GAME 6Jun 19Houston 86, New York 84The Summit, HoustonHakeem Olajuwan (30)
GAME 7Jun 22Houston 90, New York 84The Summit, HoustonHakeem Olajuwan (25)

1994 NBA Playoffs

1 Seattle SuperSonics2   
8 Denver Nuggets38 Denver Nuggets3  
  5 Utah Jazz1 
4 San Antonio Spurs15 Utah Jazz4  
5 Utah Jazz3   
   Houston Rockets4
2 Houston Rockets3   
7 Portland Trail Blazers12 Houston Rockets4  
  2 Houston Rockets4 
3 Phoenix Suns33 Phoenix Suns3  
6 Golden State Warriors0   
1993-94 NBA Champions
1 Atlanta Hawks3   
8 Miami Heat21 Atlanta Hawks2  
  5 Indiana Pacers3 
4 Orlando Magic05 Indiana Pacers4  
5 Indiana Pacers3   
   2 New York Knicks3
2 New York Knicks3   
7 New Jersey Nets12 New York Knicks4  
  2 New York Knicks4 
3 Chicago Bulls33 Chicago Bulls3  
6 Cleveland Cavaliers0