Who Won the 2013 NBA Championship?

Miami Heat

Miami Heat win the 2013 NBA Finals
Jun 20, 2013
American Airlines Arena - Miami, FL
Miami Heat
Runner Up: 
San Antonio Spurs

The Miami Heat were in their third straight finals, and won their second straight title over the San Antonio Spurs 4 games to 3.

The Spurs had a golden opportunity to win the title in game six, but gave up a five point lead with 20 seconds to play - and went on to lose in overtime.

LeBron James was named the Finals MVP for the second straight year.

Miami Heat 4
San Antonio Spurs 3

GameDateScoreSiteHigh Scorer
GAME 1Jun 6San Antonio 92, Miami 88American Airlines Arena, MiamiTony Parker (21)
GAME 2Jun 9Miami 103, San Antonio 84American Airlines Arena, MiamiMario Chalmers (19)
GAME 3Jun 11San Antonio 113, Miami 77AT&T Center, San AntonioDanny Green (27)
GAME 4Jun 13Miami 109, San Antonio 93AT&T Center, San AntonioLeBron James (33)
GAME 5Jun 16San Antonio 114, Miami 104AT&T Center, San AntonioTony Parker (26)
GAME 6Jun 18Miami 103, San Antonio 100 (OT)American Airlines Arena, MiamiLeBron James (32)
GAME 7Jun 20Miami 95, San Antonio 88American Airlines Arena, MiamiLeBron James (37)

2013 NBA Playoffs

1 Miami Heat4   
8 Milwaukee Bucks01 Miami Heat4  
  1 Miami Heat4 
4 Brooklyn Nets35 Chicago Bulls1  
5 Chicago Bulls4   
   1 Miami Heat4
2 New York Knicks4   
7 Boston Celtics22 New York Knicks2  
  3 Indiana Pacers3 
3 Indiana Pacers43 Indiana Pacers4  
6 Atlanta Hawks2   
2013 NBA Champion
1 Oklahoma City Thunder4   
8 Houston Rockets21 Oklahoma City Thunder1  
  5 Memphis Grizzlies0 
4 Los Angeles Clippers25 Memphis Grizzlies4  
5 Memphis Grizzlies4   
   2 San Antonio Spurs3
2 San Antonio Spurs4   
7 Los Angeles Lakers02 San Antonio Spurs4  
  2 San Antonio Spurs4 
3 Denver Nuggets26 Golden State Warriors2  
6 Golden State Warriors4