Who Won California Elections in 2004?

Senator Barbara Boxer
Nov 2, 2004

Senator Barbara Boxer won re-election over Republican challenger Bill Jones. All the incumbents won re-election to the House of Representatives, while the two open seats went to one Democrat and one Republican.

John Kerry won California's 55 electoral votes.

Senate Barbara Boxer DEM Incumbent 57.7%
House Of Representatives
1st District Mike Thompson DEM Incumbent 66.9%
2nd District Wally Herger REP Incumbent 66.9%
3rd District Dan Lungren REP 61.9%
4th District John Doolittle REP Incumbent 65.4%
5th District Robert T Matsui DEM Incumbent 71.4%
6th District Lynn Woolsey DEM Incumbent 72.6%
7th District George Miller DEM Incumbent 76.1%
8th District Nancy Pelosi DEM Incumbent 82.9%
9th District Barbara Lee DEM Incumbent 84.5%
10th District Ellen O Tauscher DEM Incumbent 65.7%
11th District Richard Pombo REP Incumbent 61.2%
12th District Tom Lantos DEM Incumbent 68.0%
13th District Fortney H Stark DEM Incumbent 71.6%
14th District Anna Eshoo DEM Incumbent 69.8%
15th District Mike Honda DEM Incumbent 72.0%
16th District Zoe Lofgren DEM Incumbent 70.9%
17th District Sam Farr DEM Incumbent 66.7%
18th District Dennis Cardoza DEM Incumbent 67.5%
19th District George P Radanovich REP Incumbent 66.0%
20th District Jim Costa DEM 53.4%
21st District Devin Nunes REP Incumbent 73.2%
22nd District William M Thomas REP Incumbent Unopposed
23rd District Lois Capps DEM Incumbent 63.0%
24th District Elton Gallegly REP Incumbent 62.8%
25th District Howard McKeon REP Incumbent 64.4%
26th District David Dreier REP Incumbent 53.6%
27th District Brad Sherman DEM Incumbent 62.3%
28th District Howard Berman DEM Incumbent 71.0%
29th District Adam Schiff DEM Incumbent 64.6%
30th District Henry Waxman DEM Incumbent 71.2%
31st District Xavier Becerra DEM Incumbent 80.2%
32nd District Hilda Solis DEM Incumbent 85.0%
33rd District Diane Watson DEM Incumbent 88.6%
34th District Lucille Roybal-Allard DEM Incumbent 74.5%
35th District Maxine Waters DEM Incumbent 80.5%
36th District Jane Harman DEM Incumbent 62.0%
37th District Juanita Millender-McDonald DEM Incumbent 75.1%
38th District Grace Napolitano DEM Incumbent Unopposed
39th District Linda Sanchez DEM Incumbent 60.7%
40th District Ed Royce REP Incumbent 67.9%
41st District Charles "Jerry" Lewis REP Incumbent 82.9%
42nd District Gary Miller REP Incumbent 68.1%
43rd District Joe Baca DEM Incumbent 66.4%
44th District Ken Calvert REP Incumbent 61.6%
45th District Mary Bono Mack REP Incumbent 66.6%
46th District Dana Rohrabacher REP Incumbent 61.9%
47th District Loretta Sanchez DEM Incumbent 60.4%
48th District Christopher Cox REP Incumbent 65.0%
49th District Darrell Issa REP Incumbent 62.6%
50th District Randy "Duke" Cunningham REP Incumbent 58.4%
51st District Bob Filner DEM Incumbent 61.6%
52nd District Duncan L Hunter REP Incumbent 69.2%
53rd District Susan Davis DEM Incumbent 66.1%