Who Won Indiana Elections in 2004?

Senator Evan Bayh
Nov 2, 2004

Incumbent Senator Evan Bayh won re-election in Indiana in 2004. Incumbent Governor Joe Kernan was defeated by Mitchell Daniels. 9th District incumbent Representative Baron Hill lost as well to Mike Sodrel in the 2004 Indiana elections.

George W Bush won Indiana's 11 electoral votes.

Governor Mitch Daniels REP 53.2%
Senate Evan Bayh DEM Incumbent 61.7%
House Of Representatives
1st District Peter Visclosky DEM Incumbent 68.3%
2nd District Chris Chocola REP Incumbent 54.2%
3rd District Mark Souder REP Incumbent 69.2%
4th District Steve Buyer REP Incumbent 69.5%
5th District Dan Burton REP Incumbent 71.8%
6th District Mike Pence REP Incumbent 67.1%
7th District Julia Carson DEM Incumbent 54.4%
8th District John Hostettler REP Incumbent 53.4%
9th District Mike Sodrel REP 49.5%