Who Won Minnesota Elections in 2004?

Mark Kennedy
Nov 2, 2004

All the incumbent Congressmen won re-election to Minnesota's eight seats in the House of Representatives in 2004, including Mark Kennedy who won a tight election race with Democratic challenger Patty Wetterling.

John Kerry won Minnesota's 10 electoral votes in the 2004 Presidential Election.

House Of Representatives
1st District Gil Gutknecht REP Incumbent 59.6%
2nd District John Kline REP Incumbent 56.4%
3rd District Jim Ramstad REP Incumbent 73.7%
4th District Betty McCollum DEM Incumbent 57.5%
5th District Martin Sabo DEM Incumbent 69.7%
6th District Mark Kennedy REP Incumbent 54.0%
7th District Collin Peterson DEM Incumbent 66.1%
8th District James Oberstar DEM Incumbent 65.2%