Who Won Missouri Elections in 2004?

Matt Blunt
Nov 2, 2004

Incumbent Missouri Senator Christopher Bond was re-elected to a fourth term in the United States Senate in 2004. Fellow Republican Matt Blunt won a narrow election victory to take Missouri's open Governor's seat. DLFers Russ Carnahan and Emanuel Cleaver won Missouri's two open seats in Congress in 2004.

George W Bush won Missouri's 11 electoral votes.

Governor Matt Blunt REP 50.8%
Senate Kit Bond REP Incumbent 56.1%
House Of Representatives
1st District Lacy Clay DEM Incumbent 73.0%
2nd District Todd Akin REP Incumbent 65.4%
3rd District Russ Carnahan DEM 52.9%
4th District Ike Skelton DEM Incumbent 66.2%
5th District Emanuel Cleaver DEM 55.2%
6th District Sam Graves REP Incumbent 63.8%
7th District Roy Blunt REP Incumbent 70.4%
8th District Jo Ann Emerson REP Incumbent 72.2%
9th District Kenny Hulshof REP Incumbent 64.6%