Who Won North Carolina Elections in 2004?

Richard Burr
Nov 2, 2004

In the 2004 North Carolina elections Richard Burr won a close race to take over the Senate seat vacated by vice presidential candidate John Edwards. Both of the open seats in Congress were taken by the Republicans as well in 2004, while North Carolina's incumbent Democratic Governor Mike Easley won re-election.

George W Bush won North Carolina's 15 electoral votes in the 2004 presidential election.

Governor Mike Easley DEM Incumbent 55.6%
Senate Richard Burr REP 51.6%
House Of Representatives
1st District G.K. Butterfield DEM Incumbent 64.0%
2nd District Bob Etheridge DEM Incumbent 62.3%
3rd District Walter Jones REP Incumbent 70.7%
4th District David Price DEM Incumbent 64.1%
5th District Virginia Foxx REP 58.8%
6th District Howard Coble REP Incumbent 73.1%
7th District Mike McIntyre DEM Incumbent 73.2%
8th District Robin Hayes REP Incumbent 55.5%
9th District Sue Myrick REP Incumbent 70.2%
10th District Patrick McHenry REP 64.1%
11th District Charles H Taylor REP Incumbent 54.9%
12th District Mel Watt DEM Incumbent 66.8%
13th District Brad Miller DEM Incumbent 58.8%