Who Won Oklahoma Elections in 2004?

Tom Coburn
Nov 2, 2004

Republican Tom Coburn won an open seat in the United States Senate over Democratic challenger Brad Carson in the 2004 Oklahoma election. Incumbent Republicans won four of Oklahoma's five seats in Congress, while Democrat Dan Boren won an open seat in the 2nd District in 2004.

George W Bush won Oklahoma's 7 electoral votes in the 2004 presidential election.

Senate Tom Coburn REP 52.8%
House Of Representatives
1st District John Sullivan REP Incumbent 60.2%
2nd District Dan Boren DEM 65.9%
3rd District Frank Lucas REP Incumbent 82.2%
4th District Tom Cole REP Incumbent 77.8%
5th District Ernest Istook REP Incumbent 66.1%