Who Won Tennessee Elections in 2004?

Marsha Blackburn
Nov 2, 2004

The 2004 elections in Tennessee featured nine congressional races, but no senate seats. All the incumbents easily won re-election in Tennessee, including 7th District Representative Marsha Blackburn who ran unopposed in 2004.

George W Bush won Tennessee's 11 electoral votes in the 2004 presidential election.

House Of Representatives
1st District Bill Jenkins REP Incumbent 73.9%
2nd District John Duncan REP Incumbent 79.1%
3rd District Zach Wamp REP Incumbent 64.7%
4th District Lincoln Davis DEM Incumbent 54.8%
5th District Jim Cooper DEM Incumbent 69.3%
6th District Bart Gordon DEM Incumbent 64.2%
7th District Marsha Blackburn REP Incumbent Unopposed
8th District John S Tanner DEM Incumbent 74.3%
9th District Harold Ford, Sr DEM Incumbent 82.0%