Who Won Texas Elections in 2004?

Ted Poe
Nov 2, 2004

The 2004 elections in Texas featured all 32 congressional races, but no senate seats. There were five open seats in Texas, three of which were won by Republicans. Two Republicans (Ted Poe and Louie Gohmert) defeated Democratic incumbents in the 2004 Texas elections.

George W Bush won Texas' 34 electoral votes in the 2004 presidential election.

House Of Representatives
1st District Louie Gohmert REP 61.5%
2nd District Ted Poe REP 55.5%
3rd District Sam Johnson REP Incumbent 85.6%
4th District Ralph Hall REP Incumbent 68.2%
5th District Jeb Hensarling REP Incumbent 64.5%
6th District Joe Barton REP Incumbent 66.0%
7th District John Culberson REP Incumbent 64.1%
8th District Kevin Brady REP Incumbent 68.9%
9th District Al Green DEM 72.2%
10th District Michael McCaul REP 78.6%
11th District Mike Conaway REP 76.8%
12th District Kay Granger REP Incumbent 72.3%
13th District Mac Thornberry REP Incumbent 92.3%
14th District Ron Paul REP Incumbent Unopposed
15th District Ruben Hinojosa DEM Incumbent 57.8%
16th District Silvestre Reyes DEM Incumbent 67.5%
17th District Chet Edwards DEM Incumbent 51.2%
18th District Sheila Jackson Lee DEM Incumbent 88.9%
19th District Randy Neugebauer REP Incumbent 58.4%
20th District Charlie Gonzalez DEM Incumbent 65.5%
21st District Lamar Smith REP Incumbent 61.5%
22nd District Tom DeLay REP Incumbent 55.2%
23rd District Henry Bonilla REP Incumbent 69.3%
24th District Kenny Marchant REP 64.0%
25th District Lloyd Doggett DEM Incumbent 67.6%
26th District Michael Burgess REP Incumbent 65.8%
27th District Solomon Ortiz DEM Incumbent 63.1%
28th District Henry Cuellar DEM 59.0%
29th District Gene Green DEM Incumbent 94.1%
30th District Eddie Bernice Johnson DEM Incumbent 93.0%
31st District John Carter REP Incumbent 64.8%
32nd District Pete Sessions REP Incumbent 54.3%