Who Won Virginia Elections in 2004?

Bob Goodlatte
Nov 2, 2004

Of the eleven congressional races in Virginia, ten of them had incumbents running and they all won re-election in 2004 - including sixth district Republican Bob Goodlatte who ran unopposed. There was an open seat in District Two of Virginia which was won by Republican Thelma D Drake in the 2004 Virginia elections.

George W Bush won Virginia's 13 electoral votes in the 2004 presidential election.

House Of Representatives
1st District Jo Ann Davis REP Incumbent 78.5%
2nd District Thelma Drake REP 55.1%
3rd District Bobby Scott DEM Incumbent 69.3%
4th District Randy Forbes REP Incumbent 64.5%
5th District Virgil Goode REP Incumbent 63.7%
6th District Bob Goodlatte REP Incumbent Unopposed
7th District Eric Cantor REP Incumbent 75.5%
8th District Jim Moran DEM Incumbent 59.7%
9th District Rick Boucher DEM Incumbent 59.3%
10th District Frank Wolf REP Incumbent 63.8%
11th District Thomas Davis REP Incumbent 60.2%