Who Won Washington Elections in 2004?

Chris Gregoire
Nov 2, 2004

The Washington incumbents won all of their races in 2004, including Washington Senator Patty Murray. The Republicans took both of the open seats in congress.

The big election news in Washington, however, was the eventual victory of Democratic Governor Chris Gregoire. Gregoire was trailing after the initial count, but several recounts and court disputes later she was declared the winner over Dino Rossi.

John Kerry won Washington's 11 electoral votes in the 2004 presidential election.

Governor Christine Gregoire DEM 48.8%
Senate Patty Murray DEM Incumbent 55.0%
House Of Representatives
1st District Jay Inslee DEM Incumbent 62.3%
2nd District Rick Larsen DEM Incumbent 63.9%
3rd District Brian Baird DEM Incumbent 61.9%
4th District Doc Hastings REP Incumbent 62.6%
5th District Cathy McMorris Rodgers REP 59.7%
6th District Norman Dicks DEM Incumbent 69.0%
7th District Jim McDermott DEM Incumbent 80.7%
8th District Dave Reichert REP 51.5%
9th District Adam Smith DEM Incumbent 63.3%