Who Won Wisconsin Elections in 2004?

Russ Feingold
Nov 2, 2004

In Wisconsin, Senator Russ Feingold won re-election for another term in the Senate over challenger Tim Michels. Seven of the eight Wisconsin Congressional races had incumbents running in 2004, all of whom won re-election. The only open seat was in Wisconsin's 4th District, which DFLer Gwen Moore won easily.

John Kerry narrowly won Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes in the 2004 presidential election.

Senate Russ Feingold DEM Incumbent 55.4%
House Of Representatives
1st District Paul Ryan REP Incumbent 65.4%
2nd District Tammy Baldwin DEM Incumbent 63.3%
3rd District Ron Kind DEM Incumbent 56.4%
4th District Gwen Moore DEM 69.6%
5th District Jim Sensenbrenner REP Incumbent 66.6%
6th District Tom Petri REP Incumbent 67.0%
7th District David Obey DEM Incumbent 85.6%
8th District Mark Green REP Incumbent 70.1%