Who Won Alabama Elections in 2006?

Governor Bob Riley
Nov 7, 2006

It was a day for the incumbents in Alabama's 2006 elections. Alabama Republican Governor Bob Riley won re-election in 2006, as did all the Alabama members of Congress.

Three Alabama Congressmen (Robert Cramer, Spencer Bachus, and Artur Davis) ran unopposed in 2006.

Governor Bob Riley REP Incumbent 58.0%
House Of Representatives
1st District Jo Bonner REP Incumbent 68.2%
2nd District Terry Everett REP Incumbent 69.5%
3rd District Mike D Rogers REP Incumbent 59.5%
4th District Robert Aderholt REP Incumbent 70.3%
5th District Robert E Cramer DEM Incumbent Unopposed
6th District Spencer Bachus REP Incumbent Unopposed
7th District Artur Davis DEM Incumbent Unopposed