Who Won Arizona Elections in 2006?

Senator Jon Kyl
Nov 7, 2006

Incumbent Republican Senator Jon Kyl won re-election in the 2006 Arizona elections, as did incumbent Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano.

In Arizona's 5th Disctrict, Democratic challenger Harold Mitchell defeated Republican incumbent J D Hayworth. Democrat Gabrielle Giffords won an open House seat in the 8th District.

Arizona also passed propositions to raise the minimum wage and make English the official language, while defeating propositions to ban same-sex marriage and have a lottery attached to voting.

Governor Janet Napolitano DEM Incumbent 62.6%
Senate Jon Kyl REP Incumbent 53.3%
House Of Representatives
1st District Rick Renzi REP Incumbent 51.8%
2nd District Trent Franks REP Incumbent 58.6%
3rd District John B Shadegg REP Incumbent 59.3%
4th District Ed Pastor DEM Incumbent 72.5%
5th District Harry Mitchell DEM