Who Won Colorado Elections in 2006?

Bill Ritter
Nov 7, 2006

Democrat Bill Ritter won the Governorship of Colorado over Republican Bob Beauprez in the 2006 election. In the House of Representatives, all the incumbents from Colorado won re-election. There were two open seats - Republican Doug Lamborn won in Colorado's 5th District, while Democrat Ed Perlmutter won in the 7th District.

Colorado also voted to raise the minimum wage and to ban same-sex marriage in the 2006 election.

Governor Bill Ritter DEM 57.0%
House Of Representatives
1st District Diana Degette DEM Incumbent 79.8%
2nd District Mark Udall DEM Incumbent 68.2%
3rd District John Salazar DEM Incumbent 61.6%
4th District Marilyn Musgrave REP Incumbent 45.6%
5th District Doug Lamborn REP 59.6%
6th District Thomas Tancredo REP Incumbent 58.6%
7th District Ed Perlmutter DEM