Who Won Connecticut Elections in 2006?

Senator Joe Lieberman
Nov 7, 2006

Incumbent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman did not win his party's primary, but he did go on to win the general election as an independent. Governor M Jodi Rell also won re-election in the 2006 Connecticut elections.

Two incumbent Republican Congressmen were defeated in Connecticut - Joe Courtney defeated Rob Simmons in the 2nd District and Chris Murphy defeated Nancy Johnson in the 5th District.

Governor Jodi Rell REP Incumbent 63.2%
Senate Joe Lieberman IND Incumbent 49.7%
House Of Representatives
1st District John B Larson DEM Incumbent 74.4%
2nd District Joe Courtney DEM 50.0%
3rd District Rosa DeLauro DEM Incumbent 76.0%
4th District Christopher Shays REP Incumbent 51.0%
5th District Chris Murphy DEM 56.5%