Who Won Georgia Elections in 2006?

Sonny Perdue
Nov 7, 2006

Republican Governor of Georgia Sonny Perdue (pictured) won re-election to a second term in the 2006 Georgia elections.

All the incumbent Georgia Representatives won re-election in 2006 to the House including John Lewis in the 5th district who ran unopposed. There was an open seat in the 4th District which was won by Democrat Hank Johnson.

Governor Sonny Perdue REP Incumbent 58.0%
House Of Representatives
1st District Jack Kingston REP Incumbent 68.5%
2nd District Sanford Bishop DEM Incumbent 67.9%
3rd District Lynn Westmoreland REP Incumbent 67.6%
4th District Hank Johnson DEM 75.4%
5th District John Lewis DEM Incumbent Unopposed
6th District Tom Price REP Incumbent 72.4%
7th District John Linder REP Incumbent 70.9%
8th District Jim Marshall DEM Incumbent 50.5%
9th District Nathan Deal REP Incumbent 76.6%
10th District Charles Norwood REP Incumbent 67.4%
11th District Phil Gingrey REP Incumbent 71.1%
12th District John Barrow DEM Incumbent 50.3%
13th District David Scott DEM Incumbent 69.2%