Who Won Kentucky Elections in 2006?

John Yarmuth
Nov 7, 2006

Only members of Congress were up for election in Kentucky in 2006. Most of the incumbents won re-election, including landslide victories by Ben Chandler (DEM - 6th District) and Harold Rogers (GOP - 5th District).

In the 3rd District of Kentucky, Republican incumbent Anne Northrup was narrowly defeated by Democratic challenger John Yarmuth (pictured).

House Of Representatives
1st District Ed Whitfield REP Incumbent 59.6%
2nd District Ron Lewis REP Incumbent 55.4%
3rd District John Yarmuth DEM 50.6%
4th District Geoff Davis REP Incumbent 51.7%
5th District Hal Rogers REP Incumbent 73.8%
6th District Ben Chandler DEM Incumbent 85.5%