Who Won Louisiana Elections in 2006?

William Jefferson
Nov 7, 2006

Only members of the House of Representatives were up for election in Louisiana in 2006. Republican incumbents like Bobby Jindal in the 1st District, Richard Baker in the 6th District, and Charles Boustany in the 7th District won landslide victories.

In Louisiana's 2nd District, incumbent William Jefferson (pictured left) needed a special runoff election on December 9 to defeat fellow Democrat Karen Carter and return to Congress.

House Of Representatives
1st District Bobby Jindal REP Incumbent 88.1%
2nd District William J Jefferson DEM Incumbent Runoff
3rd District Charlie Melancon DEM Incumbent 55.0%
4th District Jim McCrery REP Incumbent 57.4%
5th District Rodney Alexander REP Incumbent 68.3%
6th District Richard Baker REP Incumbent 82.8%
7th District Charles Boustany REP Incumbent 70.7%