Who Won Michigan Elections in 2006?

Jennifer Granholm
Nov 7, 2006

Democrat Jennifer Granholm (pictured) won the open Governor's seat in the 2006 Michigan elections when she defeated Republican Dick DeVos. Incumbent Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow won re-election over Michael Bouchard.

In the House of Representative elections, incumbents ran in and won 14 of the 15 races including Carolyn Kilpatrick who ran unopposed in the 13th District. There was an open seat in Michigan's 7th District which was won by Republican Tim Walberg.

Governor Jennifer Granholm DEM Incumbent 56.4%
Senate Debbie Stabenow DEM Incumbent 56.9%
House Of Representatives
1st District Bart Stupak DEM Incumbent 69.4%
2nd District Peter Hoekstra REP Incumbent 66.5%
3rd District Vernon Ehlers REP Incumbent 63.1%
4th District Dave Camp REP Incumbent 60.6%
5th District Dale Kildee DEM Incumbent 72.9%
6th District Fred Upton REP Incumbent 60.6%
7th District Tim Walberg REP 49.9%
8th District Mike J Rogers REP Incumbent 55.3%
9th District Joe Knollenberg REP Incumbent 51.6%
10th District Candice Miller REP Incumbent 66.2%
11th District Thad McCotter REP Incumbent 54.1%
12th District Sander Levin DEM Incumbent 70.8%
13th District Carolyn Kilpatrick DEM Incumbent Unopposed
14th District John Conyers DEM Incumbent 85.3%
15th District John Dingell DEM Incumbent 88.0%