Who Won Missouri Elections in 2006?

Claire McCaskill
Nov 7, 2006

Republican incumbent Senator Jim Talent was defeated in the 2006 election by Democratic challenger Claire McCaskill (pictured).

Incumbents in the House of Representatives has a much easier time, as all nine of them (five Republicans and four Democrats) easily won re-election to Congress in 2006.

Senate Claire McCaskill DEM 49.6%
House Of Representatives
1st District Lacy Clay DEM Incumbent 72.9%
2nd District Todd Akin REP Incumbent 61.3%
3rd District Russ Carnahan DEM Incumbent 65.6%
4th District Ike Skelton DEM Incumbent 67.6%
5th District Emanuel Cleaver DEM Incumbent 64.2%
6th District Sam Graves REP Incumbent 61.6%
7th District Roy Blunt REP Incumbent 66.7%
8th District Jo Ann Emerson REP Incumbent 71.6%
9th District Kenny Hulshof REP Incumbent 61.4%