Who Won New Jersey Elections in 2006?

Bob Menendez
Nov 7, 2006

Democratic Incumbent Senator Bob Menendez (pictured) retained his seat in the 2006 election when he defeated Republican challenger Thomas Kean. Menendez had been appointed to fill the seat earlier in 2006.

Incumbent Representatives ran in and won 12 of the 13 House seats for New Jersey in 2006. Robert Andrews in the 1st District and Donald Payne in the 10th District ran unopposed. The open seat in the 13th District was won by Democrat Albio Sires.

Senate Bob Menendez DEM Incumbent 53.3%
House Of Representatives
1st District Rob Andrews DEM Incumbent Unopposed
2nd District Frank LoBiondo REP Incumbent 61.6%
3rd District Jim Saxton REP Incumbent 58.4%
4th District Chris Smith REP Incumbent 65.7%
5th District Scott Garrett REP Incumbent 54.9%
6th District Frank Pallone DEM Incumbent 68.6%
7th District Mike Ferguson REP Incumbent 49.4%
8th District Bill Pascrell DEM Incumbent 70.9%
9th District Steven Rothman DEM Incumbent 71.5%
10th District Donald M Payne DEM Incumbent Unopposed
11th District Rodney Frelinghuysen REP Incumbent 62.1%
12th District Rush Holt DEM Incumbent 65.7%
13th District Albio Sires DEM 77.5%