Who Won New York Elections in 2006?

John Hall
Nov 7, 2006

Former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer won the open Governor's seat in New York in 2006. Spitzer easiler defeated Republican challenger John Faso. Hillary Clinton easily won re-election to a second term in the Senate with a victory over John Spencer.

The Democrats also dominated the House of Representive elections in New York in 2006, taking 23 of the 29 seats. Two of those victories were in the 19th and 20th Districts where 70s pop musician John Hall (pictured) and Kirsten Gillibrand defeated Republican incumbents Sue Kelly and John Sweeney.

Governor Eliot Spitzer DEM 65.7%
Senate Hillary Clinton DEM Incumbent 67.0%
House Of Representatives
1st District Tim Bishop DEM Incumbent 58.6%
2nd District Steve Israel DEM Incumbent 64.4%
3rd District Peter King REP Incumbent 52.8%
4th District Carolyn McCarthy DEM Incumbent 60.2%
5th District Gary Ackerman DEM Incumbent Unopposed
6th District Gregory Meeks DEM Incumbent Unopposed
7th District Joe Crowley DEM Incumbent 64.3%
8th District Jerrold Nadler DEM Incumbent 73.9%
9th District Anthony Weiner DEM Incumbent Unopposed
10th District Edolphus Towns DEM Incumbent 70.0%
11th District Yvette Clarke DEM Incumbent 75.3%
12th District Nydia Velazquez DEM Incumbent 73.1%
13th District Vito Fossella REP Incumbent 48.1%
14th District Carolyn Maloney DEM Incumbent 75.7%
15th District Charles Rangel DEM Incumbent 80.4%
16th District Jose E Serrano DEM Incumbent 76.3%
17th District Eliot Engel DEM Incumbent 67.8%
18th District Nita Lowey DEM Incumbent 63.3%
19th District John Hall DEM 51.7%
20th District Kirsten Gillibrand DEM 50.0%
21st District Mike McNulty DEM Incumbent 68.5%
22nd District Maurice Hinchey DEM Incumbent Unopposed
23rd District John McHugh REP Incumbent 54.5%
24th District Michael Arcuri DEM 49.8%
25th District James T Walsh REP Incumbent 48.6%
26th District Thomas Reynolds REP Incumbent 48.8%
27th District Brian Higgins DEM Incumbent 72.4%
28th District Louise Slaughter DEM Incumbent 66.9%
29th District Randy Kuhl REP Incumbent 48.9%