Who Won South Carolina Elections in 2006?

Mark Sanford
Nov 7, 2006

Incumbent Republican Governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford won his re-election bid over Democratic challenger Tommy Moore.

In the House, all of South Carolina's Representatives remained the same as all the incumbents won re-election bids. They all won fairly handily. The smallest margin was 14 percentage points in the 5th District where Democrat John Spratt defeated Ralph Norman.

Governor Mark Sanford REP Incumbent 55.1%
House Of Representatives
1st District Henry Brown REP Incumbent 59.9%
2nd District Joe Wilson REP Incumbent 62.6%
3rd District Gresham Barrett REP Incumbent 62.9%
4th District Bob Inglis REP Incumbent 64.2%
5th District John Spratt DEM Incumbent 56.9%
6th District Jim Clyburn DEM Incumbent 64.4%