Who Won Tennessee Elections in 2006?

Bob Corker
Nov 7, 2006

Incumbent Democrat Governor Phil Bredeson sailed to an easy win in Tennessee in 2006 over challenger Jim Bryson. Tennessee had an open Senate seat up for grabs when Bill Frist decided not to run for re-election. The seat was eventually taken in a close race by Republican Bob Corker over Democrat Harold Ford Jr.

Incumbents ran in and won seven of nine House elections. The open seat in the 1st District was taken by Republican David Davis, while the open seat in the 9th District was won by Democrat Steve Cohen.

Governor Phil Bredeson DEM Incumbent 68.6%
Senate Bob Corker REP 50.7%
House Of Representatives
1st District David Davis REP 61.1%
2nd District John Duncan REP Incumbent 77.7%
3rd District Zach Wamp REP Incumbent 65.7%
4th District Lincoln Davis DEM Incumbent 66.4%
5th District Jim Cooper DEM Incumbent 69.0%
6th District Bart Gordon DEM Incumbent 67.1%
7th District Marsha Blackburn REP Incumbent 66.0%
8th District John S Tanner DEM Incumbent 73.2%
9th District Steve Cohen DEM 59.9%