Who Won Virginia Elections in 2006?

Jim Webb
Nov 7, 2006

Incumbent Republican Senator George Allen lost an extremely close race in 2006 to Democratic challenger Jim Webb (pictured) - 50% to 49%.

Virginia incumbent Representatives fared much better, as all eleven won re-election in 2006. Bobby Scott in the 3rd District ran unopposed.

Senate Jim Webb DEM 49.6%
House Of Representatives
1st District Jo Ann Davis REP Incumbent 63.0%
2nd District Thelma Drake REP Incumbent 51.3%
3rd District Bobby Scott DEM Incumbent Unopposed
4th District Randy Forbes REP Incumbent 76.1%
5th District Virgil Goode REP Incumbent 59.1%
6th District Bob Goodlatte REP Incumbent 75.1%
7th District Eric Cantor REP Incumbent 63.8%
8th District Jim Moran DEM Incumbent 66.4%
9th District Rick Boucher DEM Incumbent 67.8%
10th District Frank Wolf REP Incumbent 57.3%
11th District Thomas Davis REP Incumbent 55.5%