Who Won Wisconsin Elections in 2006?

Steve Kagen
Nov 7, 2006

All the incumbents running for the major offices in Wisconsin won re-election in 2006. They included Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle (for a second term) and Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl (for a fourth term).

There was an open seat in Wisconsin's 8th District, previously held by a Republican, which was narrowly taken by Democratic candidate Steven Kagen (pictured) in 2006.

Governor Jim Doyle DEM Incumbent 52.8%
Senate Herb Kohl DEM Incumbent 67.3%
House Of Representatives
1st District Paul Ryan REP Incumbent 62.6%
2nd District Tammy Baldwin DEM Incumbent 62.8%
3rd District Ron Kind DEM Incumbent 64.8%
4th District Gwen Moore DEM Incumbent 71.3%
5th District Jim Sensenbrenner REP Incumbent 61.8%
6th District Tom Petri REP Incumbent Unopposed
7th District David Obey DEM Incumbent 62.2%
8th District Steve Kagen DEM 50.9%