Who Won Arizona Elections in 2008?

Ann Kirkpatrick
Nov 4, 2008

Republican Congressman Rick Renzi in Arizona's 1st District retired in 2008, and his seat was taken by DFLer Ann Kirkpatrick (pictured) over Republican Sydney Hay.

Incumbent Representatives won in all the other Arizona districts.

Arizona Senator and 2008 Presidential Candidate John McCain's term expires in 2010. Senator Jon Kyl is up for re-election in 2012.

McCain won Arizona's 10 electoral votes in the 2008 Presidential Election.

House Of Representatives
1st District Ann Kirkpatrick DEM 55.9%
2nd District Trent Franks REP Incumbent 59.4%
3rd District John B Shadegg REP Incumbent 54.1%
4th District Ed Pastor DEM Incumbent 72.1%
5th District Harry Mitchell DEM Incumbent 53.2%
6th District Jeff Flake REP Incumbent 62.4%
7th District Raul Grijalva DEM Incumbent 63.3%
8th District Gabrielle Giffords DEM Incumbent 54.7%