Who Won Arkansas Elections in 2008?

Senator Mark Pryor
Nov 4, 2008

There didn't seem to be much of a choice for Arkansas voters in the 2008 election. Senator Mark Pryor (pictured) had no Republican opposition and returned to the United States Senate.

The same was true for the Representatives from the four Arkansas Congressional Districts. None faced major party opposition and all will return to Congress.

Senator Blanche Lincoln's term expires in 2010.

John McCain won the 6 electoral votes from Arkansas, and the voters passed an initiative banning gay couples from adopting children.

Senate Mark Pryor DEM Incumbent 79.5%
House Of Representatives
1st District Robert Marion Berry DEM Incumbent Unopposed
2nd District Vic Snyder DEM Incumbent 76.5%
3rd District John Boozman REP Incumbent 78.5%
4th District Mike Ross DEM Incumbent 86.2%