Who Won Colorado Elections in 2008?

Mark Udall
Nov 4, 2008

Republican Senator Wayne Allard retired in 2008. Democrat Mark Udall (pictured) won his open seat against Republican Bob Schaffer.

Udall's seat in the 2nd District was held by the Democrats when Jared Polis won over Scott Starin. The Democrats also gained a seat in the House when Republican incumbent Marilyn Musgrave was defeated by Democrat Betsy Markey in the 4th District.

The next Colorado Gubernatorial Election will be held in 2010. Senator Ken Salazar's term also expires in 2010.

Barack Obama won Colorado's 9 electoral votes, and the Colorado voters defeated an amendment that would have defined life beginning at the moment of conception.

Senate Mark Udall DEM 52.8%
House Of Representatives
1st District Diana Degette DEM Incumbent 71.9%
2nd District Jared Polis DEM 62.6%
3rd District John Salazar DEM Incumbent 61.6%
4th District Betsy Markey DEM 56.2%
5th District Doug Lamborn REP Incumbent 60.0%
6th District Mike Coffman REP 60.7%
7th District Ed Perlmutter