Who Won Connecticut Elections in 2008?

Jim Himes
Nov 4, 2008

Connecticut's five members of the House were up for re-election, with all the Democrats winning their races. In the 4th District Democrat Jim Himes (pictured) defeated incumbent Chris Shays to give the Democrats a clean sweep in Connecticut.

Senator Chris Dodd's term expires in 2010, and Senator Joe Lieberman is up for re-election in 2012. The next Connecticut Gubernatorial Election will be in 2010.

Barack Obama won the 7 electoral votes from Connecticut.

House Of Representatives
1st District John B Larson DEM Incumbent 71.6%
2nd District Joe Courtney DEM Incumbent 65.7%
3rd District Rosa DeLauro DEM Incumbent 77.4%
4th District Jim Himes DEM 49.8%
5th District Chris Murphy DEM Incumbent 56.7%