Who Won Florida Elections in 2008?

Alan Grayson
Nov 4, 2008

Florida's 25 Congressional seats were up for grabs in 2008. Three incumbents were defeated: Alan Grayson (pictured) defeated Ric Keller, Tom Rooney defeated Tim Mahoney, and Suzanne Kosmas defeated Tom Feeney.

Florida Senator Mel Martinez is up for re-election in 2010, Bill Nelson in 2012. Florida's Gubernatorial election is in 2010.

Barack Obama won Florida's 27 electoral votes, and Florida passed a ban on gay marriage.

House Of Representatives
1st District Jeff Miller REP Incumbent 70.2%
2nd District Allen Boyd DEM Incumbent 61.9%
3rd District Corrine Brown DEM Incumbent Unopposed
4th District Ander Crenshaw REP Incumbent 65.3%
5th District Ginny Brown-Waite REP Incumbent 61.2%
6th District Cliff Stearns REP Incumbent 60.9%
7th District John Mica REP Incumbent 62.0%
8th District Alan Grayson DEM 52.0%
9th District Gus Bilirakis REP Incumbent 62.8%
10th District C W Bill Young REP Incumbent 60.7%
11th Kathy Castor DEM Incumbent 71.7%
12th District Adam Putnam REP Incumbent 57.5%
13th District Vern Buchanan REP Incumbent 55.5%
14th District Connie Mack IV REP Incumbent 59.4%
15th District Bill Posey REP 53.1%
16th District Tom Rooney REP 60.1%
17th District Kendrick Meek DEM Incumbent Unopposed
18th District Ileana Ros-Lehtinen REP Incumbent 57.9%
19th District Robert I Wexler DEM Incumbent 66.2%
20th District Debbie Wasserman Schultz DEM Incumbent 77.5%
21st District Lincoln Diaz-Balart REP Incumbent 57.9%
22nd District Ron Klein DEM Incumbent 54.7%
23rd District Alcee Hastings DEM Incumbent 82.2%
24th District Suzanne Kosmas DEM 57.2%
25th District Mario Diaz-Balart REP Incumbent 53.1%