Who Won Louisiana Elections in 2008?

John Fleming
Nov 4, 2008

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu won for re-election in 2008 over Republican John Kennedy.

The retirement of Jim McCrery from District 4 created an open seat which was won in an extremely close runoff election by John Fleming (pictured left). There was also a runoff election in District 2 where incumbent William J Jefferson was defeated by Anh 'Joseph' Cao.

Louisiana Senator David Vitter's term expires in 2010. The next Gubernatorial Election is scheduled for 2011.

John McCain won Louisiana's 9 electoral votes.

Senate Mary Landrieu DEM Incumbent 52.1%
House Of Representatives
1st District Steve Scalise REP Incumbent 65.7%
2nd District Anh Joseph Cao REP 49.5%
3rd District Charlie Melancon DEM Incumbent Unopposed
4th District John Fleming REP Runoff
5th District Rodney Alexander REP Incumbent Unopposed
6th District Bill Cassidy REP 48.1%
7th District Charles Boustany REP Incumbent 61.9%