Who Won Maryland Elections in 2008?

Frank Kratovil
Nov 4, 2008

An open seat in Maryland's 1st District was narrowly taken by Democrat Frank Kratovil (pictured left) over Andy Harris, causing a party switch in the seat. Incumbents won all the other Maryland House elections.

Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski is up for re-election in 2010, and Senator Ben Cardin is up for re-election in 2012. The next Maryland Gubernatorial Election is in 2010.

Barack Obama won Maryland's 10 electoral votes.

House Of Representatives
1st District Frank Kratovil DEM 49.1%
2nd District C A "Dutch" Ruppersberger DEM Incumbent 71.9%
3rd District John Sarbanes DEM Incumbent 69.8%
4th District Donna Edwards DEM Incumbent 85.8%
5th District Steny Hoyer DEM Incumbent 73.6%
6th District Roscoe Bartlett REP Incumbent 57.8%
7th District Elijah Cummings DEM Incumbent 79.5%
8th District Chris Van Hollen DEM Incumbent 75.1%