Who Won Minnesota Elections in 2008?

Erik Paulsen
Nov 4, 2008

Minnesota had a hotly contested Senate race in 2008 between incumbent Norm Coleman and Democratic challenger Al Franken. Election day couldn't decide it and Franken won after a lengthy recount process.

Jim Ramstad, representative from District 3, retired and his seat was won by fellow Republican Erik Paulsen over Ashwin Madia. All the other incumbents for Minnesota House Seats won re-election.

The next Gubernatorial Election in Minnesota is in 2010, and US Senator Amy Klobuchar's term ends in 2012.

Barack Obama won Minnesota's 10 electoral votes.

Senate Al Franken DEM 42.0%
House Of Representatives
1st District Tim Walz DEM Incumbent 62.5%
2nd District John Kline REP Incumbent 57.3%
3rd District Erik Paulsen REP 48.5%
4th District Betty McCollum DEM Incumbent 68.4%
5th District Keith Ellison DEM Incumbent 70.9%
6th District Michele Bachmann REP Incumbent 46.5%
7th District Collin Peterson