Who Won Missouri Elections in 2008?

Jeremiah Nixon
Nov 4, 2008

The Missouri Governor race in 2008 was won by DFLer Jeremiah Nixon (pictured) over Republican Kenny Hulshof. It was a party change as previous Governor Matt Blunt was a Republican.

Hulshof's run for Governor left an opening in District 9, where Blaine Luetkemeyer won and kept the seat in the Republican column. Incumbents won re-election in the other eight districts.

Missouri Senator Christopher Bond is up for election in 2010, while Senator Claire McCaskill's term ends in 2012.

At this writing the winner of Missouri's 11 Electoral Votes was not yet decided.

Governor Jay Nixon DEM 58.4%
House Of Representatives
1st District Lacy Clay DEM Incumbent 88.1%
2nd District Todd Akin REP Incumbent 62.3%
3rd District Russ Carnahan DEM Incumbent 66.4%
4th District Ike Skelton DEM Incumbent 65.9%
5th District Emanuel Cleaver DEM Incumbent 64.4%
6th District Sam Graves REP Incumbent 59.4%
7th District Roy Blunt REP Incumbent 67.8%
8th District Jo Ann Emerson REP Incumbent 71.4%
9th District Blaine Luetkemeyer REP 50.0%