Who Won Nebraska Elections in 2008?

Mike Johanns
Nov 4, 2008

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel retired in 2008 and fellow Republican and former Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns (pictured) defeated Democrat Scott Kleeb for his seat.

In the congressional elections, all three Nebraska Republicans won re-election and were sent back to Washington.

The next Nebraska Gubernatorial Election is in 2010. Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson's term expires in 2012.

Nebraska splits their electoral votes. John McCain received four and Barack Obama received one. Nebraska voters also voted to end affirmative action.

Senate Mike Johanns REP 57.5%
House Of Representatives
1st District Jeff Fortenberry REP Incumbent 70.4%
2nd District Lee Terry REP Incumbent 51.9%
3rd District Adrian Smith REP Incumbent 76.9%