Who Won North Carolina Elections in 2008?

Bev Perdue
Nov 4, 2008

North Carolina will have a new Governor in 2008, as Mike Easley has served his full term. Democrat Bev Perdue (pictured) defeated Republican Pat McCrory and will be North Carolina's new Governor.

Senator Elizabeth Dole was defeated by Democratic challenger Kay Hagan creating another pick up by the Democrats in the Senate. Senator Richard Burr's term expires in 2010.

All of North Carolina's representatives ran for re-election in 2008, and all but one were sent back to Washington. In the 8th District incumbent Robin Hayes was defeated by Democrat Larry Kissell.

Barack Obama narrowly won the 15 electoral votes from North Carolina.

Governor Bev Perdue DEM 50.3%
Senate Kay Hagan DEM 52.7%
House Of Representatives
1st District G.K. Butterfield DEM Incumbent 70.3%
2nd District Bob Etheridge DEM Incumbent 66.9%
3rd District Walter Jones REP Incumbent 65.9%
4th District David Price DEM Incumbent 63.3%
5th District Virginia Foxx REP Incumbent 58.4%
6th District Howard Coble REP Incumbent 67.0%
7th District Mike McIntyre DEM Incumbent 68.8%
8th District Larry Kissell DEM 55.4%
9th District Sue Myrick REP Incumbent 62.4%
10th District Patrick McHenry REP Incumbent 57.6%
11th District Heath Schuler DEM Incumbent 62.0%
12th District Mel Watt DEM Incumbent 71.6%
13th District Brad Miller DEM Incumbent 65.9%