Who Won Ohio Elections in 2008?

Marcia Fudge
Nov 4, 2008

Three Republican Representatives retired in 2008, while one Democrat Representative passed away leaving open seats in their Districts.

Republican Steve Austria won the open seat in the 7th District and Democrat John Boccieri won the open seat in the 16th District. At this writing the open seat in the 15th District was too close to call.

Democrat Marcia Fudge (pictured) won the open seat in the 11th District which was vacated after the passing Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

Ohio Senator George Voinovich is up for re-election in 2010, while Senator Sherrod Brown's term expires in 2012.

The next Ohio Gubernatorial Election is in 2010.

House Of Representatives
1st District Steve Driehaus DEM 52.5%
2nd District Jean Schmidt REP Incumbent 44.8%
3rd District Mike Turner REP Incumbent 63.3%
4th District Jim Jordan REP Incumbent 65.2%
5th District Bob Latta REP Incumbent 64.1%
6th District Charles A Wilson DEM Incumbent 62.3%
7th District Steve Austria REP 58.2%
8th District John Boehner REP Incumbent 67.9%
9th District Marcy Kaptur DEM Incumbent 74.4%
10th District Dennis Kucinich DEM Incumbent 57.0%
11th District Marcia Fudge DEM 85.2%
12th District Pat Tiberi REP Incumbent 54.8%
13th District Betty Sutton DEM Incumbent 64.7%
14th District Steve LaTourette REP Incumbent 58.3%
15th District Mary Jo Kilroy DEM 45.9%
16th District John Boccieri DEM 55.4%
17th District Tim Ryan DEM Incumbent 78.2%
18th District <