Who Won Oklahoma Elections in 2008?

Jim Inhofe
Nov 4, 2008

Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe (pictured) easily won his 2008 re-election bid against Democrat challenger Andrew Rice.

All of Oklahoma's five Representatives ran for re-election and all five were sent back to Washington by the voters. All five won at least 2/3 of the vote.

Senator Tom Coburn's term expires in 2010. The next Oklahoma Gubernatorial Election is in 2010 as well.

John McCain won the seven electoral votes in Oklahoma.

Senate Jim Inhofe REP Incumbent 56.7%
House Of Representatives
1st District John Sullivan REP Incumbent 66.2%
2nd District Dan Boren DEM Incumbent 70.5%
3rd District Frank Lucas REP Incumbent 69.7%
4th District Tom Cole REP Incumbent 66.0%
5th District Mary Fallin REP Incumbent 65.9%