Who Won Oregon Elections in 2008?

Jeff Merkley
Nov 4, 2008

Oregon Senator Gordon Smith was defeated in his 2008 re-election bid by Democratic challenger Jeff Merkley (pictured) in a tight race.

The retirement of Darlene Hooley left an open Congressional seat in District 5. Kurt Schrader defeated Mike Erickson and kept the seat in the Democratic column.

The other four Congressional elections were won by the incumbents.

Senator Ron Wyden's term ends in 2010. The next Oregon Gubernatorial Election is in 2010 as well.

Barack Obama won Oregon's seven electoral votes.

Senate Jeff Merkley DEM 48.9%
House Of Representatives
1st District David Wu DEM Incumbent 71.5%
2nd District Greg Walden REP Incumbent 69.5%
3rd District Earl Blumenauer DEM Incumbent 74.5%
4th District Peter DeFazio DEM Incumbent 82.3%
5th District Kurt Schrader DEM 54.3%