Who Won Pennsylvania Elections in 2008?

Kathy Dahlkemper
Nov 4, 2008

18 incumbents ran for re-election for the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania, and 17 of them won. In the 3rd District Republican incumbent Phil English was defeated by Kathy Dahlkemper (pictured).

There was an open seat in 5th District and GT Thompson held the seat for the Republicans.

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector's term ends in 2010, while Senator Bob Casey is up for re-election in 2012.

The next Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election is in 2010.

Barack Obama won the 21 electoral votes from Pennsylvania.

House Of Representatives
1st District Robert Brady DEM Incumbent 90.8%
2nd District Chaka Fattah DEM Incumbent 88.9%
3rd District Kathy Dahlkemper DEM 51.2%
4th District Jason Altmire DEM Incumbent 55.9%
5th District Glenn Thompson REP 56.7%
6th District Jim Gerlach REP Incumbent 52.1%
7th District Joe Sestak DEM Incumbent 59.6%
8th District Patrick J Murphy DEM Incumbent 56.8%
9th District Bill Shuster REP Incumbent 63.9%
10th District Chris Carney DEM Incumbent 56.3%
11th District Paul Kanjorski DEM Incumbent 51.6%
12th District John Murtha DEM Incumbent 57.9%
13th District Allyson Schwartz DEM Incumbent 62.8%
14th District Mike Doyle DEM Incumbent 91.3%
15th District Charles Dent REP Incumbent 58.6%
16th District Joseph Pitts REP Incumbent 55.8%
17th District Tim Holden DEM Incumbent 63.7%
18th District Tim Murphy REP Incumbent 64.1%
19th District Todd Platts REP Incumbent 66.7%