Who Won Wyoming Elections in 2008?

Cynthia Lummis
Nov 4, 2008

Wyoming held two Senate elections in 2008. Republican Senator Mike Enzi won re-election against Chris Rothfuss. Republican John Barrasso, who was appointed to the Senate after the death of Craig Thomas, defeated Nick Carter and will complete Thomas' term which expires in 2012.

Congresswoman Barbara Cubin retired in 2008, and her seat was won by Republican Cynthia Lummis (pictured) over Democrat Gary Trauner.

The next Wyoming Gubernatorial Election is in 2010.

John McCain won Wyoming's 3 electoral votes.

Senate John Barrasso REP Incumbent 73.4%
Senate Mike Enzi REP Incumbent 75.6%
House Of Representatives
1st District Cynthia Lummis REP 52.6%