Who Won Colorado Elections in 2010?

John Hickenlooper
Nov 2, 2010

Incumbent Governor Bill Ritter did not run for re-election, and fellow Democrat John Hickenlooper won the election over Tom Tancredo of the Constitution Party. Republican Dan Maes finished third.

Appointed senator Michael Bennet won his first elected term over Ken Buck.

In the House of Representatives, the GOP ousted two Democratic incumbents. Scott Tipton beat John Salazar in the 3rd District, while Cory Gardner beat Betsy Markey in the 4th.

Governor John Hickenlooper DEM 51.0%
Senate Michael F Bennet DEM Incumbent 48.1%
House Of Representatives
1st District Diana Degette DEM Incumbent 67.4%
2nd District Jared Polis DEM Incumbent 67.4%
3rd District Scott Tipton REP 50.1%
4th District Cory Gardner REP 52.5%
5th District Doug Lamborn REP Incumbent 65.8%
6th District Mike Coffman REP Incumbent 65.7%
7th District Ed Perlmutter DEM Incumbent 53.4%