Who Won Illinois Elections in 2010?

Mark Kirk
Nov 2, 2010

Republican Mark Kirk narrowly won the open Senate seat over Democrat Alexi Giannoulias. The seat had been held by Roland Burris who was appointed to fill the vacancy left by Barack Obama.

Republican Governor Pat Quinn also won narrowly his first full term after being appointed to replace Rod Blagojevich.

In the 8th Congressional District Republican Joe Walsh knocked off incumbent Melissa Bean. Adam Kinzinger did the same thing in the 11th District, defeating incumbent Democrat Debbie Halvorson.

Governor Pat Quinn DEM Incumbent 46.8%
Senate Mark Kirk REP 48.0%
House Of Representatives
1st District Bobby Rush DEM Incumbent 80.4%
2nd District Jesse Jackson Jr DEM Incumbent 80.5%
3rd District Dan Lipinski DEM Incumbent 69.7%
4th District Luis V Gutierrez DEM Incumbent 77.4%
5th District Mike Quigley DEM Incumbent 70.6%
6th District Peter Roskam REP Incumbent 63.6%
7th District Danny K Davis DEM Incumbent 81.5%
8th District Joe Walsh REP 48.5%
9th District Jan Schakowsky DEM Incumbent 66.3%
10th District Bob Dold REP 51.1%
11th District Adam Kinzinger REP 57.3%
12th District Jerry Costello DEM Incumbent 59.8%
13th District Judy Biggert REP Incumbent 64.0%
14th District Randy Hultgren REP 51.3%
15th District Tim V Johnson REP Incumbent 64.3%
16th District Don Manzullo REP Incumbent 65.0%
17th District Bobby Schilling REP 52.6%
18th District Aaron Schock REP Incumbent 69.1%
19th District John Shimkus REP Incumbent 71.2%