Who Won Massachusetts Elections in 2010?

William Keating
Nov 2, 2010

Incumbent Democrat Governor Deval Patrick won re-election to a second term in 2010 with only 48% of the vote over Republican challenger Charlie Baker.

In the House races it was all Democrat incumbents again in districts 1 through 9. Michael Capuano was unopposed in the eighth district. In the tenth district William Keating won an open seat previously held by William Delahunt.

Governor Deval Patrick DEM Incumbent 48.4%
House Of Representatives
1st District John Olver DEM Incumbent 60.0%
2nd District Richard Neal DEM Incumbent 57.3%
3rd District Jim McGovern DEM Incumbent 56.5%
4th District Barney Frank DEM Incumbent 53.9%
5th District Niki Tsongas DEM Incumbent 54.8%
6th District John F Tierney DEM Incumbent 56.8%
7th District Ed Markey DEM Incumbent 66.4%
8th District Mike Capuano DEM Incumbent Unopposed
9th District Stephen Lynch DEM Incumbent 68.3%
10th District William Keating DEM 46.9%