Who Won Minnesota Elections in 2010?

Chip Cravaack
Nov 2, 2010

In the Governor's race Democrat Mark Dayton won a very narrow contest over Republican Tom Emmer for the open seat.

In congress seven of the eight incumbents were sent back to Washington. Tim Walz won a close race in the 1st District. The only incumbent to lose was Democrat Jim Oberstar in the 8th District. The veteran of over 30 years in congress was defeated in a close race by Republican Chip Cravaack.

Governor Mark Dayton DEM 43.6%
House Of Representatives
1st District Tim Walz DEM Incumbent 49.3%
2nd District John Kline REP Incumbent 63.3%
3rd District Erik Paulsen REP Incumbent 58.8%
4th District Betty McCollum DEM Incumbent 59.1%
5th District Keith Ellison DEM Incumbent 67.7%
6th District Michele Bachmann REP Incumbent 52.5%
7th District Collin Peterson DEM Incumbent 55.2%
8th District Chip Cravaack REP 48.6%