Who Won Virginia Elections in 2010?

Robert Hurt
Nov 2, 2010

Eight of Virginia's 11 incumbent Congressmen were re-elected in 2010. The other three incumbents were all Democrats who lost to Republicans.

In the 2nd District Scott Rigell defeated Democrat Glenn Nye. In the 9th District Morgan Griffith knocked off Democrat Rick Boucher.

The closest race was in the 5th District where Robert Hurt (pictured) won over Tom Perriello with 50.8% of the vote.

House of Representatives
1st District Rob Wittman REP Incumbent 63.9%
2nd District Scott Rigell REP 53.1%
3rd District Bobby Scott DEM Incumbent 70.0%
4th District Randy Forbes REP Incumbent 62.3%
5th District Robert Hurt REP 50.8%
6th District Bob Goodlatte REP Incumbent 76.3%
7th District Eric Cantor REP Incumbent 59.2%
8th District Jim Moran DEM Incumbent 61.0%
9th District Morgan Griffith REP 51.2%
10th District Frank Wolf REP Incumbent 62.9%
11th District Gerry Connolly DEM Incumbent 49.2%